38 (3)Psalm 38 Version 3CM
MY soul, the final hour will come,
   Quickly it hastens on,
To bear this body to the tomb,
    And thee to scenes unknown.
2  My frame, from striving here with woes,
    Shall sigh and sink away,
And you, my eyelids, then shall close
    On this world’s long-loved ray.
3  Where—in that hour—shall I receive
    Relief for all my pain?
Though all earth’s rulers were my friends,
    They all would help in vain!
4  Great King of nature and of grace,
    To Thee my spirit flies
From the deep pangs of death’s distress
    Before Thy pitying eyes.
5  O seal me by that mighty power,
    Which to Thy love belongs;
May darkness veil my eyes no more,
    And sight be turned to songs.
Philip Doddridge, 1702-51