GREAT God, when I approach Thy throne,
   And all Thy glory see;
This is my stay, and this alone,
    That Jesus died for me.
2  How can a soul condemned to die
    Escape the just decree?
A vile, unworthy wretch am I,
    But Jesus died for me.
3  Burdened with sin’s oppressive chain,
    O how can I get free?
No peace can all my efforts gain,
    But Jesus died for me.
4  My course I could not safely steer
    Through life’s tempestuous sea,
Unless this truth relieved my fear—
    That Jesus died for me.
5  And, Lord, when I behold Thy face,
    This must be all my plea—
Save me by Thine almighty grace,
    For Jesus died for me.
William Hiley Bathurst, 1796-1877