JESUS! Redeemer, Saviour, Lord,
   The weary sinner’s Friend,
Come to my help, pronounce the word,
    And bid my troubles end.
2  Deliverance to my soul proclaim,
    And life, and liberty;
Shed forth the virtue of Thy name,
    Reveal Thyself to me!
3  Faith to be healed, I long to have,
    O may it now be given;
Thou canst the vilest sinners save,
    And make them fit for Heaven.
4  Thou canst o’ercome this heart of mine,
    And all-victorious prove;
For everlasting strength is Thine,
    And everlasting love.
5  Thy mighty Spirit shall subdue
    Unconquerable sin,
Cleanse this foul heart, and make it new,
    And write Thy law within.
6  Bound fast by countless earthly ties,
    Yet let me hear Thy call;
My fettered soul shall then arise,
    Obey and break through all.
Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740-78,
Charles Wesley, 1707-88