41Psalm 41CM
HAPPY are they whose tender care
   Extends to those distressed;
When troubles compass them around,
    The Lord shall give them rest.
2  If they, in sad and suffering state,
    Opprssed with sickness lie,
The Lord will ease and bless their bed,
    And inward strength supply.
3  Secure in this, they look to God,
    And earnest prayers address,
‘Lord, in Thy mercy, heal my soul,
    Though I do much transgress.’
4  God’s tender care secures our life
    From danger and disgrace;
His promise stands: to set us still
    Before His glorious face.
5  Let such a Saviour as our God
    From age to age be blessed,
And all His people’s praises sound,
    With loud amens expressed.
Nahum Tate, 1652-1715