44 (2)Psalm 44 Version 2SM
    THE battles of the Lord,
   Of which our ears have heard,
Were won by Thine almighty arm,
    Thy presence and Thy Word.
2      But Zion soon despised
    The ways of her great King,
Assumed the methods of her foes,
    Her victory to bring.
3      Forgive us, Lord, if we
    Like them have disobeyed,
And grieved the Holy Ghost away,
    By trusting worldly aid.
4      Rejected by our God,
    Our labours all in vain,
The world around is left untouched
    And holds us in disdain.
5      Come, search our hearts, O Lord,
    Help us our sin to own,
And see where carnal strength and ways
    And trusts have brought us down.
6      Arise, our gracious God,
    And be our shield and tower,
Our only source of light and life
    And strong converting power.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust