48 (2)Psalm 48 Version 2
(vv 9-14)
6 6. 6 6
WE join to praise our God,
   We think of mercies past,
And moved with thankful praise,
    We know that they shall last.
2  Mount Zion’s city fair:
    Blest figure of God’s love;
Blest picture of Christ’s Church,
    And of His Heaven above.
3  We walk about her towers,
    Her palaces adore;
Such riches never thought,
    Secure for evermore.
4  We mark, and learn, and love;
    O feed our souls so well
That all may swell the song
    And of her treasures tell.
5  And bless our children, Lord,
    That youthful eyes may see
These glorious wonders too,
    And love and honour Thee.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust