MY soul, triumphant in the Lord,
   Shall tell its joys abroad;
And march with holy vigour on,
    Supported by my God.
2  Through all the winding maze of life,
    His hand has been my guide;
And in that long-experienced care
    My heart shall still confide.
3  His grace through all the desert flows
    An unexhausted stream;
That grace, on Zion’s sacred mount,
    Shall be my endless theme.
4  Beyond the choicest joys of earth
    These distant courts I love;
But O, I burn with strong desire
    To view Thy house above.
5  Mingled with all the shining band,
    My soul would there adore;
A pillar in Thy temple fixed,
    To be removed no more.
Philip Doddridge, 1702-51