GOD of my life, to Thee I call,
   Afflicted at Thy feet I fall;
When the great water-floods prevail,
Leave not my trembling heart to fail.
2  Friend of the friendless and the faint,
Where should I lodge my deep complaint?
Where, but with Thee, Whose open door
Invites the helpless and the poor?
3  Did ever mourner plead with Thee,
And Thou refuse that mourner’s plea?
Does not Thy promise still remain,
That none shall seek Thy face in vain?
4  That were a grief I could not bear,
Didst Thou not hear and answer prayer;
But a prayer-hearing, answering God
Supports me under every load.
5  Bright is the lot that’s cast for me;
I have an Advocate with Thee:
They whom the worldling praises most,
Have no such privilege to boast.
6  Poor though I am, despised, forgot,
Yet God, my God, forgets me not.
And he is safe, and must succeed,
For whom God undertakes to plead.
William Cowper, 1731-1800