50 (2)Psalm 50 Version 27 6. 7 6. D
THE mighty God has spoken,
   And called the earth to hear;
Displaying lovingkindness
    When we, in faith, draw near;
But He shall come in judgement,
    And all who name His name
Yet walk as the ungodly,
    Shall suffer final shame.
2  O God, so full of mercy
    When worship is sincere,
Come, fill our hearts with reverence,
    With love and godly fear;
Lest we should come before Thee
    Unwilling to obey,
And cast Thy words behind us,
    And live the worldly way.
3  O seal us as Thine own, Lord,
    Safe—when the day shall rise—
When righteous wrath shall banish
    Hypocrisy and lies.
O help us so to seek Thee,
    And yield Thee all our ways,
That we may know Thy kindness
    Through everlasting days.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust