515Psalm 91CM
INCARNATE God! the soul that knows
   Thy great, mysterious power,
Shall dwell in undisturbed repose,
    Nor fear the trying hour.
2  Thy wisdom, faithfulness and love
    To feeble, helpless worms,
A buckler and a refuge prove,
    From enemies and storms.
3  Angels, unseen, attend the saints,
    And bear them in their arms,
To lift the spirit when it faints,
    And guard their life from harms.
4  The Lord Himself is ever nigh
    To them that love His name;
Ready to save them when they cry,
    And put their foes to shame.
5  Burdens and changes are their lot
    Throughout their sojourn here;
But since their Saviour changes not,
    What have His saints to fear?
John Newton, 1725-1807