53Psalm 53SM
    FOOLS in their hearts still say,
   ‘There is no God on high!’
In thought and word and deed corrupt,
    They all God’s laws defy.
2      God looks upon our race,
    And reads the heart’s desire,
To see if any understand,
    Or to His Heaven aspire.
3      But all have turned aside;
    Not one, not one is found
Who from the heart will hear and love
    The Gospel’s welcome sound;
4      Till God in mercy moves,
    To make us feel our need
Of life and light and pardoning love,
    Such hearts will never heed.
5      O that His saving power
    May through the church be known;
That captive sinners may be freed,
    And to the Saviour drawn!
6      Lord, bless as Zion waits,
    And grant reviving grace,
That joyful babes in Christ may stand
    With us to sing Thy praise.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust