54Psalm 547 7. 7 7. 7 7
SAVE me by Thy glorious name,
   Vindicate and own me, Lord.
Help from Thee I humbly claim,
    By the Spirit and the Word,
Strengthen me and hear my voice,
Calm, and bid my heart rejoice.
2  Foes of Christ oppose my way,
    Press my soul to yield and bend;
Satan tracks me all the way;
    How I need my mighty Friend!
But with Christ to make me strong,
Foes can never triumph long.
3  When He comes to take my part,
    All my anxious strivings cease,
And, in praise, my grateful heart
    Blesses loud the Prince of Peace,
‘Christ Himself has set me free!’
I shall ever worship Thee.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust