55Psalm 55CM
O GOD, my refuge, hear my cries;
   Behold my trials and tears,
For earth and hell my hurt devise,
    And triumph in my fears.
2  I long for freedom as a dove,
    For liberty and wings
To fly away and soar above
    These present, painful things.
3  O let me to some refuge go,
    And find a peaceful home,
Where storms of malice never blow,
    And trials never come.
4  Vain hope and false aspirings all!
    To thwart the devil’s arm,
The mighty God on Whom I call,
    Will save me where I am.
5  He shall preserve my soul from fear,
    And shield me when afraid;
Ten thousand angels must appear,
    If He command their aid.
6  I’ll cast my burdens on the Lord,
    The Lord sustains them all;
My faith shall rest upon His word
    That saints shall never fall.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡