JESUS! exalted far on high,
   To Whom a name is given;
A name surpassing every name,
    That’s known in earth or Heaven:
2  Before Whose throne shall every knee
    Bow down with one accord;
Before Whose throne shall every tongue
    Confess that Thou art Lord.
3  Jesus! Who in the form of God
    Didst equal honour claim,
Yet, to redeem our guilty souls,
    Didst stoop to death and shame.
4  O may that mind in us be formed
    Which shone so bright in Thee;
May we be humble, lowly, meek,
    From pride and envy free.
5  May we to others stoop, and learn
    To imitate Thy love;
So shall we bear Thine image here,
    And share Thy throne above.
Thomas Cotterill, 1779-1823