THY ceaseless, unexhausted love,
   Unmerited and free,
Delights our evil to remove,
    And help our misery.
2  Thou waitest to be gracious still;
    Thou dost with sinners bear,
That, saved, we may Thy goodness feel,
    And all Thy grace declare.
3  Thy goodness and Thy Truth to me,
    To every saint, abound,
A vast, unfathomable sea,
    Whose depths we cannot sound.
4  Faithful, O Lord, Thy mercies are,
    A rock that cannot move!
A thousand promises declare
    Thy constancy of love.
5  Throughout the universe it reigns,
    Unalterably sure;
And while the Truth of God remains,
    Such goodness shall endure.
Charles Wesley, 1707-88