58Psalm 58LM
(David’s indictment of godless rulers
constitutes a prayer for lands
closed to the Gospel)
RULERS who make themselves as gods,
    Trample on righteousness and law;
Scheme and encourage things unjust,
    Authorise violence, hate and war . . .
2  Such do oppose the God of Heaven;
    Poison of falsehood is their way;
Doctrines of demons they impose;
    Striving against the Gospel’s ray.
3  Silence them, Lord, remove their power;
    May they go melting from the scene;
Their weapons take, their influence end,
    As if their birth had never been.
4  Thus, in an instant may they go;
    Sweep them away by strength divine;
So shall Thy people all rejoice,
    Responsive to the gracious sign.
5  Cause Thou our feet to enter yet
    Those darkened realms, so long deprived
Of the glad tidings freely spread—
    There may a witness be revived.
6  Then shall the people hear Thy Word,
    Sinners shall taste a second birth,
Millions shall cry aloud and sing:
    ‘God is the Judge of all the earth!’
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust