EMPTIED of earth I long to be,
   Of sin, of self, and all but Thee;
Wholly reserved for Christ that died,
Surrendered to the Crucified.
2  Withdrawn from all the noise and strife,
The lust, the pomp and pride of life;
For Heaven alone my heart prepare,
And have my conversation there.
3  Nothing, save Jesus, would I know;
My friend and my companion Thou!
Lord, seize my heart, assert Thy right,
And put all other loves to flight.
4  All idols—tread beneath Thy feet,
And to Thyself the conquest get:
Let sin no more oppose my Lord,
Slain by the Spirit’s two-edged sword.
5  Greater communion let me prove
With Thee, blest object of my love;
But O, for this no power have I;
My strength is at Thy feet to lie.
Augustus Montague Toplady, 1740-78