64Psalm 648 7. 8 7
HEAR, O Lord, our supplication;
   Let our souls on Thee repose!
Be our refuge, our salvation,
    ’Mid a host of threatening foes.
2  Lord, Thy saints face false inventions,
    Spread by those who Thee have spurned;
O expose their vile intentions,
    To their shame their tongues be turned.
3  Cunning are the foes’ devices,
    Bitter are their words of gall;
Sin on every side entices:
    Lord, conduct us safe through all.
4  Be our foes by Thee confounded,
    Let the world Thy goodness see,
While, by might and love surrounded,
    We rejoice, and trust in Thee.
Henry Francis Lyte, 1793-1847‡