642Isaiah 52:1-2LM
TRIUMPHANT Zion, lift your head,
   From dust and ashes and the dead;
Though humbled long, arise at length,
Once more assume your Saviour’s strength.
2  Put your most regal garments on,
And make your powers and blessings known;
The world your glories shall confess,
Decked in the robes of righteousness.
3  No more shall foes unclean invade
To fill your hallowed walls with dread;
No more shall hell’s insulting host
Their victory and your sorrows boast.
4  God from on high will hear your prayer,
His hand your ruins shall repair;
Reared and adorned by love divine,
Your towers and battlements shall shine.
5  Grace shall inspire your heart and voice
To share and sing eternal joys;
Nor will your watchful Sovereign cease
To keep you in the way of peace.
Philip Doddridge, 1702-51