66 (1)Psalm 66 Version 1CM
LET all the earth revere the Lord,
    Sing praises to His name;
With heart and voice and joy record
    His honours and His fame.
2  Say to the God Who shakes the sky,
    How mighty, Lord, art Thou!
Before Thy presence sinners fly,
    Or at Thy feet they bow!
3  O bless our God and never cease;
    How much ought we to praise!
He keeps our life, maintains our peace,
    And guides us in our ways.
4  Using affliction’s evil day,
    He makes our graces shine;
As burns the furnace dross away
    The silver to refine.
5  Through waters deep and trying ways,
    We march at Thy command;
Led to possess the promised place,
    By Thine unerring hand.
6  O, let His faithful servants tell,
    How by redeeming love
Their souls are saved from death and hell
    To share the joys above.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡