69 (1)Psalm 69 Version 1CM
LORD, I would stand with thoughtful eye
    Beneath Thy fatal tree,
And see Thee bleed, and see Thee die,
    And think, ‘What love to me!’
2  Dwell on the sight, my stony heart,
    Till every pulse within,
Shall into contrite sorrow start,
    And hate the thought of sin.
3  Didst Thou for me, my Saviour, brave
    The scorn and scourge and gall,
The nails, the thorns, the spear, the grave,
    While I deserved them all?
4  O help me some return to make,
    To yield my heart to Thee,
And do and suffer for Thy sake,
    As Thou hast done for me.
Henry Francis Lyte, 1793-1847