7Psalm 77 7. 7 7
LORD my God, I trust in Thee,
     From despair deliver me,
When th’accuser comes in power
Seeking whom he may devour.
2  Lord our God, if we have done
Deeds unworthy of Thy Son,
Deeds so dark as to expose
Our weak souls to Satan’s blows . . .
3  If we’ve lost our hold above,
Then, dear Saviour, look in love;
Wash away our guilty stain,
Purge us and restore again.
4  Or if Satan’s hate unfurled,
Scorn of men with insults hurled,
Come because we love Thy Word,
Vindicate Thy Truth, O Lord!
5  Lord, we know Thy justice will
Soon remain no longer still,
When the violent shall dismayed
See Thy righteousness displayed.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust