HEAD of the Church and Lord of all,
   Hear from Thy throne our suppliant call:
We come the promised grace to seek,
Of which aforetime Thou didst speak.
2  ‘Lo, I am with you’—that sweet word,
Lord Jesus, meekly be it heard,
And stamped with all-inspiring power
On our weak souls this favoured hour.
3  Without Thy presence, King of saints,
Our purpose fails, our spirit faints;
Thou must our wavering faith renew
Ere we can yield Thee service true.
4  Thy consecrating might we ask,
Or vain the toil, unblest the task;
And impotent of fruit will be
Our noblest effort wrought for Thee.
5  ‘Lo, I am with you’—even so,
Thy joy our strength, we fearless go;
And praise shall crown the suppliant’s call,
Head of the Church, and Lord of all!
Joseph Tritton, 1819-87