71 (1)Psalm 71 Version 1CM
MY Saviour and almighty Friend,
   When I begin to praise,
It seems Thy mercies have no end!
    I’m overwhelmed by grace.
2  Thou art my everlasting trust,
    Thy goodness I adore;
And since I knew Thy kindness first,
    I speak Thy praises more.
3  Still has my life new wonders seen
    Repeated year by year;
I view the days that yet remain,
    And trust them to Thy care.
4  I’ll sound Thy praises all the length
    Of this my pilgrim road,
And speak with boldness in Thy strength
    Of my Redeemer God.
5  Cast me not off when strength declines,
    And life’s last trials arise;
But round me make Thy glory shine
    Till this Thy servant dies.
6  Awake, my soul, thy fervent powers,
    To such a glorious song,
Which floods with joy the darkest hours,
    And moves thee all day long.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748‡