74 (1)Psalm 74 Version 1
(from v 10)
HOW long, eternal God, how long
   Shall human pride blaspheme?
How long shall saints subdue their song
    And bear reproach and shame?
2  How long shall we who love Thee hear
    Thy holy name profaned?
How long will power divine forbear
    And Thou withhold Thy hand?
3  Such great deliv’rance hast Thou shown
    In ages long before;
And still no other Lord we own,
    No other God adore.
4  Is not the world of nature Thine—
    The darkness and the day?
Didst Thou not bid the morning shine,
    And mark the sun its way?
5  And shall the sons of earth and dust
    That sacred power blaspheme?
Will not Thy hand that formed them first
    Avenge Thine injured name?
6  Our foes would triumph in our blood,
    And make our hope their jest:
Plead Thine own cause, Almighty Lord,
    And make Thy children blest.
Isaac Watts, 1674-1748