77 (1)Psalm 77 Version 1LM
TO God will I direct my prayer,
   And He will make my needs His care;
I’ll trust Him still through times of grief,
Though troubles seem without relief.
2  At times when trials and sorrows fall,
When faithless fears and doubts appal,
I ask in fear and bitterness:
Will God forsake me in distress?
3  Has God forgotten to be kind?
Shall I His promise faithless find?
Will He cast off, and nevermore
His favour to my soul restore?
4  Recalling times when faith was bright,
And songs of gladness cheered each night,
Those blessèd joys of long ago
Make deeper still my present woe.
5  These doubts and fears which trouble me
Are born of my infirmity;
Though I am weak, God is most high,
And on His goodness I’ll rely.
6  I’ll fix my gaze on things above
And meditate upon Thy love;
Recounting all Thy works and ways
Until my heart responds in praise.
Based on The Psalter, 1912