83Psalm 83LM
SPEAK in Thy power, our mighty God!
   For men conspire Thy church to harm;
How proudly do they scorn Thy Word;
    O rend the heavens, make bare Thine arm!
2  As once the Canaanites of old
    Joined to oppose Thy will in wars,
So unbelievers now make bold
    To fight against the Gospel cause.
3  Sharing no other ties beside,
    Against Thy Truth their ranks unite
To keep souls from the Crucified
    And to eclipse His saving light.
4  Come rushing wind, the stubble chase;
    Come sacred fire, the forest burn;
Come Holy Ghost, in conquering grace,
    Rebellious hearts to Jesus turn.
5  Move us the more His love to tell;
    Grant countless souls a saving view;
Expose, refute the lies of hell,
    And show from Heaven—Thy Word is true!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust