91 (1)Psalm 91 Version 1CM
THERE is a safe and secret place
   Beneath the wings divine
Reserved for all the heirs of grace,
    O! be that refuge mine!
2  The least, the feeblest there may hide
    Uninjured and unawed;
While thousands fall on every side,
    They rest secure in God.
3  The angels watch them on their way,
    And aid with friendly arm;
And Satan, roaring for his prey,
    May hate, but cannot harm.
4  They feed in pastures large and fair,
    Of love and Truth divine;
O child of God, O glory’s heir,
    How rich a lot is thine!
5  A hand almighty to defend,
    An ear for every call,
An honoured life, a peaceful end,
    And Heaven to crown it all!
Henry Francis Lyte, 1793-1847