96Psalm 96LM
SING to the Lord through all the lands,
   People of every clime and tongue;
Redeeming love and grace demand
    A grateful heart and worthy song.
2  Say to the nations—‘Jesus reigns!
    God’s own almighty Son is King!’
And He Whose power the world sustains
    Doth pardoning love and kindness bring!
3  Great is the Lord and greatly praised,
    All idols are as nothing worth;
Before His splendour, fall amazed,
    Tremble before Him all the earth.
4  Ascribe to Him the glory due,
    Ascribe all wisdom, strength and love;
Come, pledge your days, your vows renew,
    Revere and serve our King above.
5  Let Heaven be glad and earth rejoice,
    Our Saviour King to earth has been;
Let every grateful heart give voice,
    And on His saving merits lean.
6  Soon by His voice the dead shall rise,
    For Christ our King shall come again;
And all the earth, before His eyes
    Shall go to final judgement then.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust