1 (1)Psalm 1 Version 1CM
HOW blest are they who turn to God,
   Forsaking sinful ways;
Renouncing haunts of worldly minds,
    And unbelieving days.
2  They make the teaching of the Lord
    Their quest and great delight;
And to its guidance daily turn,
    With ever clearer sight.
3  Like trees they stand, so full of life,
    The living stream beside;
They yield their fruit, and strong endure,
    No matter what betide.
4  But those who to this boasting world
    Commit their hope and trust,
The coming Day shall drive away,
    Like worthless chaff, or dust.
5  O mighty grace, that we may stand
    Among the sons of love!
When Christ the Lord, our coming King,
    Shall lift our souls above.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust