107 (2)Psalm 107 Version 2LM
FROM age to age exalt His name,
   God and His grace are still the same,
The hungry soul He loves to bless,
And lifts the fainting from distress.
2  But when our hearts rebel, and rise
Against the God that rules the skies,
When we reject His heavenly Word,
And slight the counsels of the Lord . . .
3  Then will He surely bring us down,
To suffer loss beneath His frown,
Wander through life with grief and tears,
Approaching death through wasted years.
4  But if to God we raise our cries,
He’ll make the dawning light arise,
Scatter the ignorance of night,
Reveal His love and saving might.
5  He cuts the bars of brass in two,
And lets rejoicing prisoners through,
Removes the pall of guilt and grief
And gives the seeking soul relief.
6  O may the people now record
The lasting goodness of the Lord;
How great His works, how kind His ways!
Let every tongue proclaim His praise.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust