128Psalm 128LM
HOW blest are they who fear the Lord
   And walk by His unerring Word;
Their labours meet with great success,
And all their days see happiness.
2  Family blessings will be found
With those who love the Gospel’s sound;
Kindred shall bow their hearts to grace,
And taste God’s mercy, power and peace.
3  O may our homes and lives abide
Beneath the smile of our dear Guide;
To serve His cause let us aspire,
Be this our first and best desire.
4  Within His kingdom shall the Lord
Bless with the comforts of His Word,
Grant us—and ours—to see and know
The good of Zion here below.
5  On shall we go from strength to strength,
Till Heav’n’s bright morning breaks at length,
And calls to that sublime reward:
How blest are they who fear the Lord!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust