13 (1)Psalm 13 Version 1CM
O LORD, at times my heart is cold,
   No blessing can I see;
No warmth of Thy protecting love,
    No comfort shines on me.
2  How long wilt Thou conceal Thy face,
    And must I distant stand,
With deep’ning sadness, and with trials
    And scorn at every hand?
3  O Lord my God, consider me,
    I fear the soul’s dark sleep;
Grant me to taste Thy power and love,
    And living feelings keep.
4  Help me my pilgrimage review,
    And praise Thee for the past;
Reflect on all Thy love to me,
    That I may feel at last.
5  So may I sing, whate’er I feel,
    For all Thou art to me;
Thy bounteous dealings, O so kind!
    Shall shame my gloom away.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust