142Psalm 142CM
I CRIED unto the Lord my God,
   I raised my voice in prayer,
I showed Him all my troubled paths,
    Who for my soul did care.
2  My spirit overwhelmed with grief,
    Was more than I could bear,
But in this world I knew of none
    Who for my soul could care.
3  I turned from vanities of earth,
    And pleasures light as air,
And asked the Lord to be my God,
    And for my soul to care.
4  ‘O be my refuge from all guilt,
    And lift me from despair;
Be Thou my only portion here,
    And for my lost soul care.
5  ‘A weak and helpless sinner I,
    Held in the tempter’s snare;
O bring me out of bondage, Thou
    Who for my soul can care.’
6  A life so new and so divine,
    With blessings high and fair,
Descended from my pardoning God,
    Who for my soul did care!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust