15Psalm 15CM
LORD Jesus, near to Thee I’d be
    In fellowship and love,
A faithful servant close to Thee,
    An heir of things above.
2  O make me kindly and sincere,
    No evil in my mouth,
That none may hurtful slanders hear,
    But only grace and truth.
3  O guide my loyalties, that I
    Shall love the friends of God,
And form no servile, hurtful tie
    With haters of the Word.
4  In all my paths may I disown
    Self-interest, love of gain;
May all I do for Thee be done
    Not heeding loss or pain.
5  Such graces flow from Thee on high,
    O work them all in me,
And draw me closer still, that I
    Be never moved from Thee.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust