42 (2)Psalm 42 Version 2CM
AS pants the deer for streams of life,
    So thirsts my soul for Thee,
O Lord, to feel, and taste, and know,
    Thy presence near to me.
2  Though trials should night and day endure,
    And press me to despair,
And scornful, unbelieving minds
    Surround me everywhere . . .
3  Before my God will I recall
    The joy of blessings past,
And ask my soul—‘Why such despair?
    My Saviour’s love must last!’
4  I’ll call to mind His mighty deeds,
    Those times of answered prayer,
When lost in failure and defeat
    My Saviour met me there.
5  As surging waves, desponding thoughts
    Still break across my way,
Yet Jesus will command His love
    And keep me day by day.
6  O why, my soul, let dark despair
    Make Satan’s lies seem real?
Trust all your God has done and said,
    And all His kindness feel!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust