43 (2)Psalm 43 Version 2CM
O THOU, my strength, with heart oppressed,
   I come dismayed to Thee;
Despondent now: as one cast off,
    So far from victory.
2  Subdued within a godless world,
    Where unbelief surrounds;
Where millions fall to vain deceit,
    And enemies abound . . .
3  O bless my soul with light divine,
    Make me to understand
Thy perfect plans and certain ways,
    Thy sovereign, powerful hand.
4  Inspire my heart with faith and love
    To trust and feel and sing;
To find in Thee my greatest joy,
    My ever-present King!
5  If Thou my heavenly Friend draw near,
    I shall no more repine,
This happy heart shall praise Thy name,
    For Thou art surely mine!
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust