81Psalm 818 7. 8 7
JESUS, Lord, our strength and Saviour,
   All our praise and love we bring,
And, in mighty grace rejoicing,
    Glorious hymns of worship sing.
2  Jesus, Thou hast surely saved us,
    And from sin’s dark bondage freed;
Open we our mouths with longing,
    Bless and meet our every need.
3  When Thy people will not hearken,
    Neither yield their ways to Thee,
Thou shalt stay Thy gracious kindness,
    And Thine anger they shall see.
4  Help us ever to obey Thee,
    Gladly walking in Thy ways,
So shalt Thou, our foes subduing,
    Grant us victories of grace.
5  To our hungering souls, the finest
    Of the wheat of life supply;
Light and grace and peace providing
    Which shall more than satisfy.
Evangelical Psalter

© The Wakeman Trust